My name is Hewitt. Typical days is not my desire for. Thence I determine to take an adventure of my life. Here, I would like to proudly present an innovative product - FLEXi, a foldable and revolutionary trolley. I am going to rebuild the market of the trolley by this product. If you are interesting in adventures, please take a look of my introduction.

In ancient times, human kind always transports with the Trolley. Nowadays, they are seldom to. Especially, the users are lack of teenagers. Why? We don’t need to transport anymore? NO. The reason is the Trolley equals to old fashions, Dopey and heavy images. Therefore, this product is seldom to use by the young people.  
This time, the Trolley will be refreshed and rebuild for the market. The consumer target is teenagers. Make it be a trendy and gorgeous product. Foldable structures with magnetic engineerings. You will never seen it before. Let living be more convenient and comfortable with aesthetics right now.(Please find the attached of the idea.)

Final step is the funding. Honestly, I am seeking for the right investor. If you are aiming to the same direction, passion in inventions or believing life is an adventure. My presentation is stand by you. Please contact me, I am in all sincerity.

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