Humans, gifted with wisdom, are the creatures in charge of the earth. They survive and adapt, undergoing long time tough trial.  It is also their innate desire and design as well that make things happen. The belief of Ip Production is that, for the pursuit of improvement, we design a thing that seems trivial to many others in daily live  --- it is the conveyance of message.  Every piece of work is instilled with aesthetic and spirit. That's why the image of Ip production is in a unique sense of naturalness. By presenting media in a new perspective, impressive memory is delivered to the audience.  Perfectness is based on the fineness in every detail --- this is the work of Ip Production. We let audience receive messages in comfort. At the end, bearing in mind that we walk our own path but not the path of anyone else.
人類一直擁有崇高智慧,成為統治地球的生物。 經過長時間磨鍊,得以生存和適應, 除此之外,全有賴人類與生俱來的渴求從而加上設計。 一葉製作有限公司的理念是,因為渴求進步而設計生活上一樣別人看似微不足道的東西-那就是傳播訊息。 每一個作品也注入美感和靈魂兩個元素。 所以一葉製作的形象都是與眾不同的自然樸素感官, 將傳播媒介用一種新角度表達,帶給觀眾深刻難忘的記憶。 完美是基於每一寸細緻,讓每人都知道-這就是一葉製作的作品, 令觀眾舒服地接收訊息。最後,只謹記一直走好自己路,不被人帶住走的原則。
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